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Mar 6



The unrestricted mass consumption of consumer goods is one of the biggest problems of our time. It could have a massive, long-term impact on our planet. Our aim is to help consumers make more reflected and sustainable buying decisions by providing a public online database containing information about the ecological and ethical background of electronic products, primarily smartphones. The data we’ve gathered is presented with the help of a spiderweb diagram, this makes it easy for the consumer to get a swift overview of the information presented, as well as opening the possibility to compare different products.

In order to develop our project further, we are relying on external support and feedback a community can give us. Through differencelab we want to realise our future visions with you!

The Project

Other than in the food and clothing sectors that already have a fair amount of established labels informing consumers on ethics and ecology of products, the electronics sector lacks any real labels and there is definitely room for potential. BuyAware has made it it’s goal to change this, by building up a database and making the information publicly accessible. We are determined, that informing the consumer is the most important step in moving towards a greener more sustainable future.

How does it work?

BuyAware uses a specificly designed list of criteria to evaluate products. This rating scheme is split up into six individual categories: climate and energy, ecology, transparency, conflict minerals, company transparency and product performance. It is important to us that we compile information in all relevant aspects of the product into one all-round label, that not only includes ethical and ecological aspects but also technical information. In our opinion one of the great weaknesses of labels predominantly in the electronics sector focus only on one aspect, neglecting the big picture, something we are trying to avoid from the start. Users will have the possibility not only to get information about individual products, but also to compare the different products, this being the reason we chose the spiderweb visualisation. In the future we are also planning to include a product footprint calculator, letting consumers estimate their individual product usage and impact on the environment.

Who are we?

BuyAware originated out of the Swiss Talent Forum 2015, organised by Swiss Youth in Science an has since then been developed by a group of six students from all over Switzerland. team

  • Jonas Niederberger – President and Coordinator of BuyAware
  • Patrick Weber – Vice-President and responsible for designing the list of criteria
  • Eric Brunner – verantwortlich für die Betreuung der Website/Datenbank
  • Felix Böwing – verantwortlich für die Betreuung der Website/Datenbank
  • Christian Küttel – verantwortlich für die Koordination öffentlicher Auftritte
  • Petra Balbi – verantwortlich für die Recherche

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What we have:

  • A highly motivated core group that has been working on this project for two years.
  • A Facebook Community with over 450 followers
  • A list of criteria that forms the base for the BuyAware-Rating
  • A functioning prototype on the page with over six assessed products.
  • A flexible exhibition for fairs.
  • Many ideas and visions on how we can develop BuyAware further.
  • A network of external experts in NGOs

What are we working on?

  • Building up a community
  • Improving our list of criteria
  • Professionalising our online-database
  • Developing a sustainable business-model
  • Searching for cooperation partners

What we’re still looking for:

  • Researchers
  • IT Programmers
  • Feedback and Ideas for improvement






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