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    Weshalb würden Architekten/Bauherren/Investoren anfangen, mit Stroh als Dämmmaterial zu bauen? Welche Strohbauweisen haben dabei das grösste Zukunftspotential? (siehe https://stroh-paille-paglia.ch/technik/) Was würde sie davon abhalten mit Stroh zu bauen?

  • Hello Thomas,

    I believe that the law of diffusion of innovation, as this video suggests, is a good strategy to identify the 13-16% of first consumers (Innovators and early adopters).

    I can’t identify precisely who they are, but I think I could categories your first consumers as people that:
    – care for the environment
    – know what sustainability is
    – are risk-takers and open minded
    – like innovations

    The reality is that, anyway, your product must be also technically reliable and economically competitive in order to scale up quickly 🙂

  • A big challenge to “disrupting” construction is the supply/demand challenge. In Swiss urban areas, consumers (property renters and buyers) are, with the exception of the luxury class, constrained by constricted supply. People simply don’t have much say in what home they rent or buy – they mostly just take what they can get. This might change in the future (the market analysis suggests that buyers/renters will start to have a say in the next few decades.

    To me it looks like the key opportunity for zoë is in (1) researching “normal people” to understand whether they would prefer zoë to a more conventional material and why this would be, and then (2) convincing real estate investors today that buyers will demand zoë in a few decades. Do you know Joe Luthiger @ NNBS? I know he is also thinking about topics like this and would be happy to connect you.

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