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The unrestricted mass consumption of consumer goods is one of the biggest problems of our time. It could have a massive, long-term impact on our planet. Our aim is to help consumers make more reflected and sustainable buying decisions by providing a public online database containing information about the ecological and ethical background of electronic products, primarily smartphones. The data we’ve gathered is presented with the help of a spiderweb diagram, this makes it easy for the consumer to get a swift overview of the information presented, as well as opening the possibility to compare different products.

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    What possibilities does BuyAware have to ensure sustainable long-term self sufficient funding? It is important to us, that users do not have to pay for the service we provide, at the same time we want to stay neutral, which makes the usage of adds on our website a slippery slope.

  • In my opinion, there exist two options here:

    For one, BuyAware could collaborate with vendors like Swisscom or Mediamarkt. Of course, with this model we would no longer remain completely independent. Nevertheless, I personally would consider Swisscom and Mediamarkt “neutral” parties in the market of electronics. Therefore, I do not think that they would want us to change our rating system. Furthermore, financial support by vendors also should not compromise our trustworthyness. As opposed to the scenario, where we would get funding from Apple or Samsung…

    Secondly, BuyAware could adopt a crowdfunding-model. As our project is relatively cheap to run, I am optimistic that we would be able to cover all our expenses with small donations from our community.

    As we do not have a big enough community at the moment, it would make the most sense to start with option one. This would also make it easier for us to grow our community and then shift to the second approach further down the road.

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