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Jan 9

bare Ware


With our new packaging-free food store in Winterthur, we aim to provide the market with organic, packaging-free products, develop stronger consumer/producer relationships and ensure fair treatment of all involved in producing and consuming the goods we sell.

We’re on differencelab because we believe in the strength of community. We hope you’ll support us by sharing your ideas, critiques and expertise, and by supporting the store’s kickoff financially in the crowdfunding campaign. See also our events.

About bare Ware

Iris knows what pesticides and mass agricultural production can do to the environment and the people. In her search for sustainable production systems, she has met many interesting people and projects. She hopes that sustainable food production gets to be the norm and not the exception.

As a child, Adriana used to collect shells on the white beach of Yucatan. Today, there is only plastic to be found. Unfortunately, this is no exception, she has observed how heaps of plastic gather at the beaches around the globe. Although it is not so obvious, plastic is also a problem in Switzerland.

our solution!

We offer you food and everyday products that will do good to the environment, your health and your conscience. Shopping with us leaves you with a good feeling!

With bare Ware, you can buy organic, regional and packaging-free while avoiding food waste. We are committed to fair and sustainable food production across the board. This includes the integration of sustainable projects and fair conditions for all stakeholders and also animals.

How you can you help us?

Be part of the first packaging-free store in Winterthur! Share with us your ideas and thoughts through the discussion forum, leave us a message in the chat (symbol at the bottom right of this page) or look through the tasks, we rely on enthusiastic people from our community. And last but not least: Help bare Ware have a financially stable ground by contributing to our Crowdfunding! With a donation of 180 CHF you become a member of the bare-Community with many advantages.

Bare Ware is supported by Thomas Vellacott, the CEO of WWF Switzerland:

Who are we?

Iris Huber Iris was born and raised in Winterthur and moved to Zurich to study Environmental science. She also completed a Masters with focus in nutrition and health. More from Iris: During my time at ETH, I participated in different research groups and focused mainly in environmental education. In this time I supported myself mostly with jobs in gastronomy service including valuable experiences at the Bistro from the Fotomuseum, Villa Sträuli and the Restaurant Goldenberg. After University I worked in different organizations such as Juwo, Pro Specie Rara, Simply Science and WWF, as well as in an environmental communications office and a nature conservation office. At the moment I work in agricultural applied research with focus in the functionality of biodiversity. Adriana Puente Since she was a child, Adriana has dreamt of helping to create a world in which humans live in respect and harmony with nature. More from Adriana: Guided by this core purpose and next to my job as PR Director of the government of my home state, I founded two organizations: One of them for animal rights and the other to spread information about climate change. My passion for nature took me to different countries. In England I completed a masters in Conservation Biology. Later in countries like Tanzania and Costa Rica I worked in conservation projects in which I learned about the importance of community-participation for the success of any project. Now I live in Winterthur and work for WWF Zürich. I also volunteer for the “International Club Winterthur” (President), with the “International Volunteers for WWF” group (Founder and president) and also with the Wintirangers. In 2010, I opened a shop in Mexico whose main focus is environmental technology. I managed it until I came to Switzerland. The shop is still going strong! Now I have a strong desire to start a new sustainable business in Winterthur and am happy to be working with Iris and the bare Community to grow bare Ware.

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We need your support!

    • We are grateful for all of the help, tips or coaching you could offer us, especially in the following realms. Please write to us in the chat box in the bottom-right corner to let us know if you think you or someone you know could help us out in one of these tasks!
    • Programming: We are looking for a volunteer with programming skills to help us with the webpage.
    • Accounting: Do you have knowledge in bookkeeping and inventory control? We would like to learn from you in a training session.
    • Sourcing: Do you know of interesting products that could be sold at bare Ware, or people we should talk to in this regard? We are looking for support in sourcing.
    • Inspiration: Do you know of others working on similar projects? We are also interested in projects in foreign countries.
    • Construction: Would you like to help in the remodeling of the shop in March 2017? Please let us know in a chat if we can contact you.
  • Financials: We are raising funds to make sure we can get off the ground running in March 2017, and keep running. We are thankful for the support we have already received from many supporters! Our crowdfunding campaign will kick off in late February – you’ll be able to support us here. Let us know if you might like to attend our “kickoff event”. We’ll be happy to send you an invitation!

Again, please write to us in the chat box in the bottom-right corner to let us know if you think you or someone you know could help us out in one of these tasks! We are grateful to all support. Thanks in advance!

We are happy about every donation! With a donation of only one franc per day during 6 months (CHF 180), you will help us cover basic salaries and fixed costs during the first half a year after opening. A contribution of this amount makes you a member of the bare community, which organizes regular events and workshops. Larger contributions will go towards the purchase of a cereal mill, a milk machine and a cheese counter as well as lamps and the many dispensers we need. And not only that: for each 3 CHF you donate we are actually going to get 4 CHF since differencelab generously tops up your contribution! In turn you get from us: – Free participation in all community events & workshops – a cools starter package (containers and cotton bags) – interesting member discounts.


Wann: Samstag 8. Juli 17 ab 13.30 Uhr

Wo: Steinberggasse 29, Winterthur

Was: Nimm Teil an der Bier-Degu von Momo-Bier.
Die vier geschmacklich spannenden und einzigartigen Biere, die du bei uns kaufen kannst, stammen aus einer Mikrobierbrauerei im Tessin.

Wie: Bitte melde dich per Email an ( Offene Anlass







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