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    We are in the midst of developing not only our platform, but also our business plan. We have promising ideas, and in this process we would love to ask for your inputs.
         1. Who do you think would be interested in using WorldClimaps and how?
         2. Who do you think could benefit from the platform, based on level of knowledge of climate change and level of activism?

  • Climaps könnte sehr wertvoll im Bildungskontext sein, also in Grundschulen, in der Erwachsenenbildung und auch an Hochschulen. Climaps ist nämlich auch ein guter Ausgangspunkt für das kritische Quellenstudium, also nicht nur für die Frage, WAS berichtet wird, sondern auch WIE darüber berichtet wird. Das ist die Basis für einen aufgeklärten Medienkonsum. In diesem Zusammenhang wäre es sicher hilfreich, auch etwas über die Medien, ihre Autoren (Journalisten) und ihre Arbeitsweise zu erfahren oder vielleicht sogar noch weitergehend, die Journalisten bei ihrer Arbeit zu unterstützen. Das wäre dann so etwas wie CSJ – community supported journalism. (vgl. mein Beitrag im Bare Ware Forum)

    • Lieber Thomas, Danke für deine spannende Inputs. Wir planen auf der Website neben dem Map auch eine Startseite mit aktuellen Artikeln und Infos. Ich denke da wird das WIE bestimmt auch ein Thema sein. Kennst du Seiten, die bereits unabhängigen Umweltjournalismus fördern?

  • I also see school groups as a great target audience. Do you know any teachers or school administrators who would pilot it? Running a lesson/activity in a few different grade levels (of an English-speaking school :)) could be a great way to do some market research! Kids are brutally honest in giving feedback, too. I’d be happy to help you search for a school/teachers if you like.

    • We believe that students have the right to know more about Climate Change as they will experience the consequences themselves, and yes, teaching in schools is brilliant idea! Last year we did a couple of pilot tests in a high school and we got great feedbacks, especially from the students.

      If you know anybody in an english speaking school that could be interested, it would be great to connect! Thanks Liz!


    I see WorldClimaps as a great inspirational, learning tool.  I think this could be also very interesting for NGO’s, Startups and schools to establish contact and hopefully work together. I think this is something that is really missing: synergy between actors to economise efforts and have a bigger impact.  Congratulations!!!


  • Anna De Mezzo

    I also believe it’s a great educational tool at every level of the school path, and also for personal use. It is also inspiring for employees and people who can take action based on the inputs in the map; maybe there could be some “activities” that Worldclimaps offers, be it physically or via a “toolkit for action” and people can then involve their colleagues, family, friends..

    • Hi Anna, thank you very much for your comments and inputs! In the future, we will definitely give tips for easy-to-do climate actions and other inspirations!

  • Alessia

    Schools and other NGOs are for sure a relevant target.

    Also governmental bodies taking care of tourism in different areas could be extremely interested, such as the italian “Ente del turismo regionale”. Can you imagine the great image improvement they could get the more they enable actions against climate change and the more they get quoted onto Worldclipmaps because of their valuable achievements?

    This, for sure, after the platform achieves consistent volumes in terms of reach, but it’s a future option which I would definitely consider if I was in your shoes guys.

    • Hi Alessia, thank you very much for your comments and inputs! I agree with you! We want to encourage individuals, companies as well as governmental bodies to show what they are doing in terms of climate change. WorldClimaps will not be only a way to reach new people, but also a tool for them to show what they are doing internally or to costumers etc. as they will be able to have a profile on the Map.

  • Flurin

    Who would be interested:

    The media could be interested in WorldClimaps to visualize effects of climate change. Maybe it would be nice to have a visualization of the extent of evidence of climate change somehow. Or vice versa the effectiveness of climate action.

    Consultants could be interested in using WorldClimaps with a similar goal as media.

    Individuals could be interested just because they are interested in learning more.

    Who could benefit:

    The governments, the UN, …

    • Thank you very much for all your inputs Flurin!

      Regarding the second point: we already have one feedback from two consultants, who had a look at the map for verifying some data. We definitely try to go in this direction!

  • Margherita

    Da studente posso dirvi che un sito come il vostro stimolerebbe tanta curiosità e imput  più coinvolgenti del regolare e ripetitivo programma scolastico:servirebbe soprattutto nei licei, vista la necessità di approfondire i propri interessi con lo scopo di scegliere un ateneo stimolante e nelle scuole elementari, i cui studenti spesso sono completamente all’oscuro di ciò che accade in questo ambito.

    • Grazie Margherita!

      sapere che questo è ciò che pensa una studentessa è davvero molto positivo! WorldClimaps ha una grande componente legata alla conoscenza e all’educazione, quindi per noi è molto importante sapere che anche dall’altra parte c’è interesse! 🙂
      iniziare anche da licei ed elementari tra l’altro sarebbe molto interessante per vedere come l’approcciarsi a queste tematiche già da più giovani (rispetto agli anni universitari) possa poi evolversi in futuro.

      grazie ancora per il tuo feedback!

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