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    We are developing new features to implement on the platform, and it would be great to hear your feedbacks!

    1. How was your overall experience using the platform?
    2. How would you improve it?
    3. What features would you like to see on the website?

    PS please notice that mobile version, community and user pages are still under development, but you can already see a preview 🙂

  • Michele Spagnuolo

    The platform is very nicely designed, congrats!

    It would be cool to be able to somehow react to evidence and actions, FB-style, thus making them feel more personal. For some, it would be even cooler to be able to take “ownership” of some of them, and volunteer to update the data presented on the site (progress, numbers, etc.) in the long run.

  • Anna Bayarri

    My overall experience was great! The platform is very intuitive, it presents all information at a glance and it’s easy to use. Besides the design is very attractive, making the searching experience more enjoyable.

    It would be interesting to be able to create debates around the articles, in order to discuss its content and share new information related with other members of the community.

    I cannot wait to be part of the Worldclimaps community and take action against climate change!



    • Hey @Anna!

      thank you for your feedback 🙂

      by database around articles do you mean something like a forum?

  • Thank you Michele!

    Your suggestion is actually really nice… in this way we would be able to see the community in action and changes would be community driven.

    How do you think the “community” would respond having a feature like this? 🙂


  • Anna De Mezzo

    The design is absolutely stunning, I love it – I could simply stare at it and be happy 😛
    The navigation is intuitive and well developed, it would be cool to have a “bookmarks” bar or something on the side, so that every user can “pin” the most interesting information for example in order to take some action. On the community side, also having some interaction buttons as Michele says it would for sure add another layer of user experience.
    Great job guys 🙂

    • Thank you Anna!!

      your suggestion is really interesting, we should probably work on that side too 🙂 we will keep you updated!

  • Alessandro

    Ciao a tutti! Scusate se scrivo in Italiano but I speak little english…
    La mia esperienza generale è stata ottima. Interfaccia semplice e intuitiva. Tuttavia si possono aggiungere tante piccole cose per migliorare l’estetica del sito. Ad esempio, nella mappa potreste aggiungere degli effetti particellari ai segnaposto (effetti giravolta sugli ettagoni numerati, o fare in modo che su quelli non numerati si apra direttamente una tendina quando passa sopra il cursore, al posto di dover cliccare).
    Per quanto riguarda le donazioni, perchè non inserite un Timer Countdown che indichi quando verranno riaperte. In questo modo invece che doverlo notificare voi alla vostra community, potrete risparmiarvi questo compito e permettere direttamente all’utente di vedere quanto manca.
    Un’altra idea che mi era venuta in mente era quella di aggiungere dei pulsanti “Social” come Facebook. Tasti che indirizzino direttamente alla pagina facebook. Altrimenti inserire direttamente un Widget facebook che mostri i Post pubblicati recentemente.
    Infine potreste adattare il sito a seconda delle festività, come una “caduta fiocchi di neve” nel periodo natalizio. Sembra cosa da poco ma, potrebbe essere un’idea abbastanza simpatica.
    Comunque nel complesso il sito mi piace molto. Complimenti per il lavoro svolto. Bravi, continuate così!

    • Grazie mille Alessandro,

      really good points! Mi piace molto l’idea del countdown, e di mostrare gli ultimi post di fb. Anche i fiocchi di neve son fantastici 😀

      Ci siamo segnati tutti gli inputs, e ci lavoreremo su. Grazie mille, ti terremo aggiornato! 🙂

  • Flurin

    The desktop version works nicely. Maybe it would be nice if the image was displayed when I hover over the icon (so I wouldn’t have to click on it).

    Using a mobile phone, I find the filter element (map vs satellite, articles vs users vs everything, … ) is somehow in my way when navigating. For instance, it is in front of the description of one of the icons when I open the description.

  • William

    The platform is well designed and quite intuitive, pretty good for a beta version. Congrats to all the team!
    How can we improve it?
    the size of the fonts are bit small in general, I would suggest to make it bigger to facilitate the reading, also the filters (including the search field) on the upper left on the map should be bigger, they are keys to filter the map in order to not have too much dots/actions displayed (that can be confusing later when there will have more actions).
    When we choose an action on the map, a pop up appears describing the Climate change evidence or action, that’s cool but then the only way to exit the pop up and continue the navigation is to click on the cross situated on the upper left of the window. Another way would be to just click out of the window then you go back on the entire map without the action and you can continue the navigation.
    What features would be cool to have on the website?
    On the pop up window that appears when we click on an action, just below the social sharing buttions, it would be great to be able to add comments. So people can get curious about the action and that can incitate them to discover the article and not just do a « click & exit ».
    Also it would be great to share video content on the map for some climate change evidence or action. So people stay more on the website and it can be more entertaining…
    If we want to develop the community aspect of the website, it would be cool to have the possibility to look for users as well in the search field and not only countries or cities.
    Here so far my recommandations, can’t wait to see the next versions and the next features activated! 🙂
    Good job guys!

    • Thank you very much William!

      We forwarded all your suggestion for the design to our designer, we will work to make the website easier to read and navigate!

      It would indeed great to add comments underneath the articles & different media (such as videos) on the map, it’s definitely something we add to our roadmap. Thanks for all your good inputs!

  • Margherita

    La grafica mi piace: colorata, intuitiva, per niente impegnativa. L’unico piccolo difetto sono le dimensioni dei campi di ricerca: se fossero più grandi e/o colorati sarebbe più semplice notarli e renderebbe le ricerce ancora più scorrevoli.

    Come migliorarlo? Perché non aggiungere qualche segnaposto in più che rimandi per esempio a persone (attivisti, esperti, studiosi…) oltre a eventi/situazioni? Così avreste modo di inserire qualche articolo di attualità, che sicuramente susciterebbero la curiosità di ancora più persone.

    Vi scriverò per altre idee!

    • Grazie mille Margherita per il tuo messaggio!

      Inoltriamo il tuo commento alla nostra designer per cercare di avere i filtri più “accattivanti”.

      Abbiamo in programma di dare la possibilità a tutti di potersi iscrivere e localizzarsi sulla mappa, e l’idea di inserire eventi è davvero ottima! Gli utenti potranno quindi anche partecipare e incontrarsi offline, anzichè solo sul sito. Grazie, ottimo spunto, ci lavoreremo su!

  • My overall experience was great! Love the layout and the menu bar at the top! I honestly don’t know what’s to improve, you’ve had some great suggestions already. Maybe a favorites bar for the user in either their profile or when searching catalogs so they can save their favorite searches or locations for future quick searches or checking updates on a topic of interest. Another option is to favorite or ‘star’ an article once clicking on the catalogue and it takes you to the map with article pop up, so you can add that to your personal articles in preview.
    Hope this helps and gives you guys us some thoughts but honestly a great site!! LOVE IT!

    • Hey Eloise, thank you very much for your comment! Starred articles/locations/searches are a very great idea, I find them very useful and user friendly. we will for sure implement a tool for selecting your favourites on the map. We will inform you as soon as we’re ready with it. Thanks!

  • Hi guys, congratulation for a job well done!

    I am joining other comments in pointing out that characters should be bigger. It makes surfing easier, or at least it looks easier and therefore more captivating.

    First thing  I did I went to check content in my region, which pointed me to a consideration. People are interested in specific areas. Why not activating feeds, so that we can get notifications (e-mails?) if new content is added in a region of interest?

    Other than that, guys this is such an awesome idea!

    • thank you Corrado!

      we will share with our designer your feedback about bigger characters!
      As for the notification based on regional content, we can definitely think about it! we are working at our best to improve the user experience, and this could also mean customized interface or notifications!

      thank you for the suggestion! 🙂

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