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  • Wow!! I’m impressed. Mir gefällt die Website sehr gut und es gibt unglaublich viele Infos zu spannenden Projekten. Die Page ist sehr benutzetzerinnenfreundlich! Weiter so! 🙂

  • Anna De Mezzo

    I am aware of climate change but my knowledge is very general and this tool can help me go deeper in the topic. Maybe it would be cool to have some additional material than articles (videos, publications, literature, magazines -> maybe a source of income as well?). This kind of material could show up in the catalog as “third step of knowledge” or maybe be featured on the map. It would be good to give like a “global” perspective on top, a sum of all the facts 😉 and maybe the actions taken can sum up to reduce the total climate change “score” – a bit like a game.
    I find it very easy to navigate and get information from the website, so it is helping me to get deeper in the topic while understanding the differences in various countries.

    In terms of actions taken I think the community tool will help a lot to inspire me and show even more evidence of the problems and what can be done to change things.

    • Thank you Anna for all your inputs!

      It would be indeed great to have an overall perspective, like for example Nasa does. We will try to connect with them – why not 😀

      The gamification is also a very important point, it could indeed motivate people to act more and more!


      Thanks again, and let’s keep in touch!

  • Alessia

    Honestly I have always been aware about climate change but I have never taken valuable action to improve my knowledge or even to “do something” against climate change.
    This platform is quite innovative because it doesn’t only give you the opportunity to know more about climate change, but it also inspires you take considerable and valuable action against this issue. It definitely has a positive approach to the matter; the aim of Worldclipmaps is not to scare nor threaten people like “if you do not recycle in 1000 years there will be more plastic than grass on Earth”; to the contrary, this platform is empowering its users, opening their minds, giving them food for thoughts and hopes for a better future.

    I would really love to get weekly “make a difference”-tips about small but significant things I can do on a daily basis to fight climate change! This would really inspire me and push me to have a constant focus on the matter.

    • Thank you Alessia!

      each of us can do a lot for our planet, and we will do our best to spread knowledge, awareness and inspiration! 🙂

  • Flurin

    I am of course aware of climate change, but I find it hard to judge whether all the stories I see on the internet are trustworthy and accurate. I feel journalists often simplify so as to make knowledge understandable for non-scientists and on Facebook scientific findings are boiled down to a simple headline with the aim of generating the most likes or shares possible. So in the end it’s hard to say what I actually know about climate change and what I do not know.

    I definitely believe that wisely curated content and skillful communication as on WorldClimaps can influence public opinion and hence policy making. Constant dropping wears away a stone.

    • Hi Flurin,

      you’ve got the point! this is a huge challenge. we are working hard to find the most accurate and scientific reliable sources in order to spread knowledge and inspire people with real facts, evidences and actions!

      thank you 🙂

  • Thank you Cathy!

    it’s amazing to know that you feel excited and energized after surfing the map and curious about the topics!

    having an active community it’s one of our key points of our mission! thank you for your feedback! we will keep you posted on the next features implemented 🙂

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