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Jan 9



WorldClimaps ist ein soziales Startup, das umfassend zur Lösung von Klimaproblemen beitragen möchte. Seine Aufgabe besteht darin, das Bewusstsein für die Klimathematik zu verbreiten, indem aufgezeigt wird, was auf unserem Planeten in Folge der globalen Erwärmung wirklich passiert – und welche Klimaaktionen rund um den Globus stattfinden.

WorldClimaps ist ein soziales Startup, das umfassend zur Lösung von Klimaproblemen beitragen möchte. Seine Aufgabe besteht darin, das Bewusstsein für die Klimathematik zu verbreiten, indem aufgezeigt wird, was auf unserem Planeten in Folge der globalen Erwärmung wirklich passiert – und welche Klimaaktionen rund um den Globus stattfinden.

What is WorldClimaps?

WorldClimaps is an interactive map that communicates the most recent facts about climate change.

It is our goal to communicate where, when and what is really happening on our planet due to global warming and which climate actions are being taken around the globe.

By sharing your personal Climate Actions and articles, you can help to connect the dots and to build a network of knowledge and inspiration. This, we believe, will enable WorldClimaps to create what is right now urgently needed: a social platform for a global community of Climate Experts and Activists, enabling them to collaborate beyond boundaries in order to tackle this upcoming global crisis.

How does it work?

WorldClimaps wants to call for more climate awareness by visualizing and showing what is happening on our planet because of global warming from a global to a local scale and which mitigation actions are being taken around the globe. Our priority is to build a database of articles gathered from reliable sources in order to eliminate all doubts and provide a social, collaborative platform.

WorldClimaps consists of an interactive map and catalog enriched with

  • Evidence of climate change: what is happening, where and when on our planet due to global warming. All articles are scientificallyreliable and data proven.
  • Climate actions taken to fight climate change, from a global to a local scale. All articles are documented and verified.
  • A community open to everyone: from climate newbies to activists, professionals and experts.

What we’ve done so far

  • Online platform: the platform has been built from scratch and is now online in a pre-beta version that includes the interactive map, the catalog and an overview of all features that are under development.
  • Scientific network: we began to work together with climate experts in order to build a reliable dataset with strong scientific support.
  • Joining forces: we have started to connect with climate activists, organizations and communities in order to join forces and initiate impact driven collaborations.

What we’re working on

  • Improving and developing the online platform with new exciting features
  • Continuously updating the catalog with new data
  • Establishing WorldClimaps as a non-profit association
  • Strengthening connections with climate experts
  • Making videos for our crowdfunding campaign

Who are we?

Francesca Camilla-Bruno Francesca Camilla-Bruno, Initiator
Environmental Engineer and Climate Reality Leader
Francesca is currently involved in projects around socially and environmentally driven community development, climate change mitigation and education, and responsible investments. She is convinced that educating and empowering individuals and communities is key for creating awareness and positive change.
Martina Cividini Martina Cividini
Environmental Engineer and Sustainability Enthusiast
Martina, after studying the impacts of climate change on Alpine Marmots and working with peach trees, now helps companies integrate sustainability in their daily activities and future roadmaps. She believes that creating awareness about climate change and building a network to take action is essential for solving this challenge.
Jonathan Argentiero Jonathan Argentiero
Software Engineer and Environment Geek
Jonathan is a handyman of the Web who loves getting involved in open source projects. He’s convinced that modern technologies are meant to help people and make communication more effective. As an environment geek, he’s most concerned about the health of coffee plantations.
Sebastian Brunner Sebastian Brunner
Social Media expert and aspiring Climate Warrior
Sebastian has worked as a musician, journalist and communication expert. In terms of recycling and environmental protection he is kind of a newbie, and now more than ever he’s concerned about the future of our planet and the wellbeing of all the species on Earth.
In a near future he would like to explore the Himalayas and the Tibetan culture.
Temporarily under development…

Where we need your support

  • Programming: we are looking for a passionate front-end developer who would support our technical development.
  • Sourcing: do you know reliable sources of climate data we could feature on the webpage? Let us know!
  • Inspiration: we believe in co-creation and our ears are wide open to inputs and constructive feedbacks. We encourage everyone who wants to support the project with their own expertise to get in touch with us.
  • Financials: we are thankful for your support! You can support us in the donor box on this page or on our webpage.
We are grateful to grow within the differencelab.org incubator.
It gives us support, coaching, it pushes us to continuously improve and get better.

Differencelab has developed an unique crowdfunding system:
startups supporters can donate 1 CHF/day for a period that varies between 1 and 6 months.

And it gets even better!
Differencelab.org is generously donating 1 CHF for every 3 CHF we receive from our supporters! It means that if you donate 30 CHF, we receive 10 CHF more from DLAB, for a total of 40 CHF! Thank you DLAB for supporting us!
Ok, we’ve just showed you what we are going to do, how and when, who is supporting and coaching us…

It’s your turn now!

Support us for less than a coffee a day: 1 CHF per day, ideally, for 6 months (180 days)!
Of course, smaller amounts are also appreciated.

6 months = 180 CHF
3 months = 90 CHF
1 month = 30 CHF
free choice = you choose!

We are deeply thankful for any donation we receive, and we will keep you posted on our progress!
Your donation will make our dream come true!







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